Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Review of The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability

I purchased this book a few weeks ago, as I have been having some serious problems with intimacy due to my pain-riddled body.  As it is such a taboo topic, I thought maybe a book would explain the situation more clearly, and perhaps give me some suggestions on how to feel remotely attractive (as chronic illness does not equal sexy feelings!).

The book is excellent for breaking down myths about sexuality and those who have disabilities and chronic illness.  It teaches you that just because you don't have the same interpretations and sensations as before, doesn't mean that there aren't still places on your body that will respond favorably to touch.  

As someone who used to work at an "adult" store, I didn't need much help in learning about the wide variety of toys that can be used.  However, for those without that background knowledge, I think it could be a very helpful set of suggestions!

My favorite part of the book were the exercises at the end of each chapter.  They really provoke you to dig deep into your mind in order to determine what you like, what you are willing to try, and how you truly feel about yourself.  

I haven't finished all of the exercises yet, but I can't wait as I'm learning so much about myself!

If you have a chronic illness or disability, and have difficulties making intimacy enjoyable - I highly recommend the purchase of this book.



Scleroderma, Sarcoidosis and Box Wine said...

Thanks for posting such an frank review. Coming from a marriage where I eventually became repelled at the vey thought of sex with my ex,this gives me hope for a healthy sex life I won't dread because of my disabilities and changes to my once super hot fit body.

Baffled said...

Thanks for writing about this. It is something that I've been ignoring. I've been so sick with CFS and FM I haven't even got around to addressing the whole sex part of the wellness puzzle.

I don't know if you realize this but Jenni over at ChronicBabe just wrote about the same subject. Great info.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is hard to think about anything else but sleeping when you crawl into bed. While sometimes all we need is a good cuddle, we can't forget about our partner's needs. They take such good care of us I guess letting things go past just cuddling lets them know we really love them and want to be with them. Then you get your cuddle afterwards!

Leslie said...

I've owned this for over a year and picked it up and put it down, but this post makes me think maybe I should revisit it...

Anonymous said...

Hey Annie, this is s hot topic for my husband and I at the moment, I've really needed to talk to others in a similar situation to me or at the very least find a relevant book. I'll be adding this one to my shopping list this week.

Thanks so much for opening the floor on this topic.

Diana Lee said...

I totally need to get a copy of this book. My husband and I have been struggling a lot with the way my chronic illnesses have killed our sex life.

Thanks so much for sharing this review and talking openly about this stuff. I know it's hard.