Monday, November 30, 2009

What Is Fun?

Monumental, soul-crushing, epic amounts of tiredness in my body.

Blargh. Headaches, nausea...I think I might need to start pumping the sleeping pills in my veins.

Anyways, that's my level of thought for that issue.

I always wonder what it is that people find fun. Everyone has a different perspective on what is enjoyable, and {surprise, surprise!} I'm no different.


1. Collecting books. I'm developing quite a line-up, and now we have a great bookcase to display them! I don't know why, but there is nothing I find more calming than walking into a bookstore and running my fingers along the pages of various books.
2. Blogging/reading other blogs. I'm a compulsive list-maker (and I'm sure this comes as a surprise...) - and find that there is more interesting content on the Internet than in most publications. The Internet provides the highest levels of entertainment/inspiration in my daily life. Without it...I would probably cry a lot, and spend an unreasonable amount of time on idea numero uno.
3. Going out for dinner! Especially if it is a restaurant I have never been to before. It's an adventure with food. What could be better than that?
4. Playing Bejeweled 2 while listening to dance music. I just zone out, match colors, and bop my head around. Easily the best way to get rid of stress (which doesn't involve exercising haha).
5. Driving around in my car with CDs cranked, the subwoofer going, and singing at the top of my lungs.
6. ANY silly banter with the significant other. I don't think there is anyone in the world I find even remotely as funny.
7. Making crafts. I LOVE seeing things come together. The thrill of being able to see something that you accomplished all on your own makes life vastly more tolerable (even borderline enjoyable :P).
8. Thrifting. I love wandering into Value Village (or one of the several other thrift stores), and perusing all their stock until I find things that are farrrrr more valuable than the prices stamped on them. Something about discovering a great deal just gets the adrenaline going.

That is all my underwhelming brain is coming up with at the moment. Hope everyone has a fantastically fun Monday!!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Coming Round The Mountain...To Monday

I have started a cross stitch. So far it has like 7 stitches in it and for some reason this makes me feel more accomplished than anything has in a LONG, LONG time. Although I do get some sense of satisfaction out of my inspiration binders.

Still working away at retail life for far less than what my lovely time is worth. I have some new furniture to show off once I get on some picture taking.

Things currently amusing me:

1. PEOPLE magazine's crossword puzzle book. This is about my general level of intellect, despite the fact that I read constantly.
2. Jon playing Brutal Legend on the Xbox. Jack Black rarely fails to amuse.
3. Getting WallE iron-on transfers! I have no idea what to stick them on yet, and my mother thinks I'm 5, but I'm still excited.
4. Making plans. Oh how I'm always making plans. I'm going to make this a good week. Go optimism!!

And now, purely because it amuses me and I have very little in terms of a filter for inappropriate...this picture makes me giggle:

Friday, November 27, 2009

Case of the Sads

Time for a random life update! As I'm sure everyone in the cyber-verse cares.

I've been feeling a little under the emotional-weather lately. I've had a long hard battle with trying to edge out depression, and it seems no matter what I do to keep myself cheery, optimistic, and productive, I always fall back down. Argh. Anyways, I made a 9th grade quality doodle to entertain myself at work and try to pick my spirits back up.

I made some paper snowflakes and covered my windows in them. I like how they turned out :)

And also, my snazzy Christmas tree and glimpse of my new hardwood floor. Oh it's so dreamy compared to that 70s shag carpet.

I'm going to search the Internet for random cheer me up ideas. Or maybe I'll just put on music and clean. One more day of work til a sleep in day!!


Thursday, November 26, 2009


I am in love with coffee.

Like if it wasn't an inanimate beverage...I would probably propose marriage to it. We could have such a wonderful life together. I WOULD END UP TYPING IN ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME. And having crazy ideas and plans. The apartment would probably be clean 24/7 and all my tasks would get done.


It is still my best friend.

I seem to have a lot of best friends...most of which don't talk back. I wonder what that says about me. Probably nothing good haha.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sleep Dep Nuttiness

I'm back to winning life with the whole not sleeping. To honor that, I have devised a list of multiple things to do when your loved one is getting restful z's and you frustrated as all miserable hell (assuming you live in an apartment with more than one room...):

* Bake some (gluten-free in my case!) chocolate chip muffins!
* Get out the iPod and crank some club tunes in the headphones and have your own private dance party! (I went with the new-ish Black Eyed Peas album, and I must say there is a song that strongly resembles techno chipmunks).
*Prowl the blogging world for amusement (as there is ALWAYS a new blog to read).
*Do PEOPLE crossword puzzles. Yes, I am a loser and paid like 15 bucks for a book of these, but sadly, my knowledge of relating clues to words just isn't strong enough to handle those New York Times ones. I'll leave those to the smart kids.
*Think up ridiculous lists to post to your blog! hahahahaha...sad.
*Clean something. I mean what better time is there to tackle that soap scum covered bathroom??
*Try to learn something new. Seriously, if trying to pick up a skill that you only have half an interest in (especially if related to schoolbooks), can't put you to sleep - NOTHING CAN.
*Think about your stumbling, drunken (at all hours) upstairs neighbors. They are seemingly getting even less sleep. That might be an bitter suggestion on my part...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Artist Formerly Known As...


Ideas are a-rolling in my brain today. I can't wait for the day I can fully consider myself an artist as my primary form of money-making; as opposed to ~ I sell dildos ~. The former has a much better ring.

Sometimes, when I think back to all that I've done...I regret that I wasted so much time not knowing who I was. I'm betting that a lot of people face that problem as they are growing up, but I took it to heart that the people I loved thought that doodling and writing stories weren't an actual way of making money and being an adult. In some ways they were right, as back up plans are always good. I don't technically regret the time I've spent becoming a 'Communications Major' [whatever the hell that means...], or an 'Executive Office Assistant' [aka glorified Secretary].


I'm going to go about doing what all semi-employed housewives should do with their days off:

*Continue prancing around in my silk robe
*Take a bubble bath...and
*Make a whole bunch of paper snowflakes and plaster them all over every surface in my apartment!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Retract That Statement

I am in massive amounts of pain now as a result of apparently being right about the not taking my meds.

Ignore prior statement about seeming to feel similar in both circumstances. I often get too excited that I'm becoming remotely like a normal human.


So it goes (as my beloved Kurt Vonnegut would say...).

Routine Failure...hahahaha

I think I keep forgetting to take my pills.

I'm not entirely sure, as the pain seems to be similar on any given day, but my brain doesn't seem to be remembering to get around to it. I need a new routine. Or checklist. Or something equally brilliant. I'll make one on the fly right now.

Things I Do in the Morning:

1. Jon hits the snooze button. Therefore, I continue to sleep.
2. And again.
3. And again.
4. I finally get up when he goes to work for 9, unless it's a morning where I work (in which case, this schedule gets backed up substantially and I get up at 730 a.m).
5. I drink some kind of juice from the fridge and daydream about the day I'll be able to brew a perfect pot of coffee. When I remember, I put ribose in it. Hence, my first issue that needs to be changed.
6. Either take pills or forget to take pills.
7. Get in the shower...and proceed to try and get clean before the hot water runs out.
8. Curse angrily at the water/building/world.
9. Get dressed and put on 1400 pounds of makeup to cover my joyful cystic acne problem.
10. Do whatever I was supposed to do for the day --> if nothing, waste my life on the Internet.

As one can tell, this schedule needs a LOT of help. This should go into my immediate goals, along with get a new job! Woooooo planning for things that may or may not happen.

Also, I bought a purse on a whim off of the Internet last night. Marc by Marc Jacobs. The Doodle Purse. It's childish sure, but in the happiest 13-year old way possible. I LIKE.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Requiring Sunshine and Butterflies


I am not getting any further along in my quest to find new ink inspiration. I'm really in the mood for something new, and yet can't find anything fully commit-worthy. Tear.

I'm not sure how much longer I can take the ol' working away at the sex shop business. It's so quiet and lonely and cold there. Maybe I just need to get my hands on an iPod Touch or Kindle or something. Get some endless entertainment material to carry around.

I'm currently being a less than stellar blogger but hopefully I'll be more inspired come tomorrow. I'm just feeling rather blah and soul-deprived lately.

Need to work on cheering up.


Friday, November 20, 2009


I'm back to having an illness flare.

Sadly, I often wonder if I am, in fact, insane. I seem to cycle through a variety of symptoms for a month at a time, before switching to another set which seems entirely unrelated. Frustrating. The last two weeks I've been having some severe insomnia...going through five nights running on less than three hours of sleep. This as a result, brings the pain in my body to a maximum, and makes me an angry, babbling loon. Not my finest hours, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I often wonder if anything can help.

I've tried:

a) taking a bath and reading before bed
b) a wide variety of sleep drugs
c) a similar schedule
d) avoiding napping
e) no caffeine after 2 p.m.
f) no alcohol
g) a dark room

I can't even blame it on having a permanent bed partner, as I used to have this problem longggggggggggggg before he ever even came into my life.

It is certainly doing nothing good for keeping my immune system up.

Some insomnia webcomics for amusement value:

Anyway, wish me luck! My heart goes out to everyone with this all too common problem!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holidays???? I Think Yes!!

I made a paper garland today :).

That's right I am 5 years old! WEEEEEEEEE.

We bought our Christmas tree and it is up and looking beautiful.

Reasons I LOVE Christmas
1. Decorations
2. Songs!
3. Presents (both giving and getting!)
4. Starbucks Holiday Cups and Drinks!
5. The infectious energy! (not so much the infectious colds and flus...)
7. The Movies (Elf...The Holiday...Love Actually...anyone in with me??)
8. Gift packs - I don't know why, but I love getting random necessities in pretty box sets!
9. Having my sister/friends come home!
10. The fact that it's the beloved's first one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Makes it extra-celebratory this year.

Now for images of paper garlands much snazzier than the one I came up with ...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We're remodeling!

If I was a good little blogger, like I someday aspire to be...I would be documenting the process in a more detailed manner. However, I am not the one ripping up the carpet and laying down the rich mahogany floors, as that is courtesy of some complaints to the landlord.

Moving from orange 70s shag carpets to hardwood floors is a big jump though, and I cannot wait to make this place more beautiful. Our options for wall colors will be vastly improved from this (rather inconvenient process of) change.

This is a look at our rather lackluster setup:

I'm excited for the changes. I'll just keep saving money and plugging away at DIY projects from all my beloved bloggers that I admire on this beautiful thing called the Internet.

On a final note, the amount of wood and carpet dust that is up in the air right now is not doing my asthma/cold ANY favors. Oh well. Can't win them all :).


Monday, November 16, 2009

The Start of Something Beautiful

I am crossing things off my 101 in 1001 rapidly, which excites me beyond all reasonable levels.

I bought more presents for my beloved today, and I love all of them and cannot wait for Christmas to get here. Favorite time of year ever. I mean fancy Starbucks cups, special lighting, decorations, songs, presents...what's not to love??? I'm in the spirit and absolutely intoxicated by it.

My cold is 60% gone which is a relief. I've turned to absolute insomnia which is doing hard things to me mentally, but I'm going with the positive...I'll get through it attitude.

I HIGHLY recommend that anyone who stumbles upon this blog goes to this website to Elf Themselves - my sister did it of my family and it was the funniest thing I have ever laid eyes on.

Happy happy holidays are starting!!!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Silly Stuffy Head :(

Still sick sadly :(.

Making my sorrows even worse by watching A Walk To Remember...what a sad, but oddly inspiring story. I have a mega girl crush on Mandy Moore, I'm not gonna lie. She is such a cutie - stylish, smart, funny.

Curled up with my quilt and some Neocitran I bring to you pictures of pretty blankets to snuggle:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sick Day :(

A virus has gotten me.

I tried so hard to escape, but alas, I have a bug doing miserable things to my body. I'm in about my 4th day of trying to fight it sadly.

I'm excited about my list of things to do. I haven't slept in a few days, but I tried to plan what my three most important goals of the day were. I have yet to do any of them - it's the thought that counts right!? I can't be expected to change overnight.

I will leave you with what I spent all night doing:

Catching up on one of my favorite webcomics -

Highly recommended.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

101 in 1001


I wrote my 101 in 1001 last night~ Took me 6 hours to come up with 101 things. Now to get started on them! :)

Send a secret to PostSecret
Buy a new computer
Ride a horse
Create a budget and stick to it
Get a passport
Build a Website For Myself as a Portfolio
Make a Work Songs CD
Make a New Recipe Every Week
Have a Dinner Party
Write Story Ideas In Little Journal
Do Creative Writing Prompts
Obtain a New Job
Write Out My Dream Life
Learn How To Knit
Complete My Cross-Stitch
Comment on More Blogs
Take a Trip to Montreal
Pick Up Spanish/French/German Again
Use Coupons and Follow Sales
Dye My Hair Red Again
Compliment Strangers
Lose 10 Pounds
Try to Blog Daily!
Go Bowling
Find A New Tattoo Design
Have More Date Nights With Jon
Random Road Trips
Organize My Personal Files/Passwords
Say Yes to New Opportunities
Plant an Herb Garden
Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day
Start New Traditions With Jon!
Give Myself A Treat Once a Month
Eliminate Personal Negative Talk
Reread and Rewatch My Books and Movies
Make or Buy Presents For People For No Reason
Take Jon To DisneyWorld!
Learn More Ways To Do My Hair
Keep My Car Clean
Adopt a Pet
Learn How To Do Good Eye Makeup
Enter More Online Contests
Do All The Tasks in My Organize Now Book
Start Freelancing
Write Most Important 3 Tasks of the Day Every Day
Gather All My Favorite Quotes In A Scrapbook
Write Down A Moment of Happiness For Every Day
Wear Makeup Every Day In Order To Feel Better When Looking In The Mirror
Have A Genuine Picnic
Get an External Hard Drive and Back Up Everything
Make a List of 50 Things I Like About Myself
Finish My List of 100 Things That Make Me Happy
Have a Board Game Night
Get a Cell Phone
Take A Train Ride
Complete DDR on Intermediate
Learn To Program in Python
Sign up for an Exercise Class
Learn To Make a Good Cup of Coffee
Decorate the Apartment/Future Job Spot
Get An Awesome Mattress
Figure Out Where I Want To Make Home
Bake Gluten-Free Things
Spend An Entire Day Doing Something That Will Cheer Someone Else Up
Spend An Entire Day Spoiling Myself Rotten
Create A New List When This One Is Finished
Dress Up When Going Out In Public
Get A Shower Radio and Sing In The Shower
Create a Signature Style
Take My Medications on a More Regular Basis
Learn Photoshop/Publisher/Dreamweaver
Be Financially Independent
Get Something Published
Develop a Bullshit Detector
Listen To New Types of Music
Buy Things From Independent Sellers
Keep Doing Updates of Inspiration Journals
Take Up Yoga
Work Through Kama Sutra
Take a Trip to Tokyo
Do 5 Push-Ups Every Day
Go Mini-Golfing
Write a Computer Program That Fills a Personal Need
Make Holidays and Birthdays for Friends Memorable
Learn To Shoot a Gun
Start Up DeviantArt
Create A List of 50 Random Facts About Myself
Learn More About Burlesque
Get A Wii and Wii Fit
Go to Concerts at the Confederation Centre
Read 1 New Book A Week (Or Magazine...Or Ton of Wikipedia Articles)
Spend As Many Rainy Days As Possible Reading in PJs in Bed
Send Ashley Snail Mail Packages
Make A List of Things I Love About Jon and What He Has Done For Me
Make A Gratitude Jar For My Parents
Make A Scrapbook of the Things That Make Me Happy
Do Something on Instructables
Clean At Least One Thing A Day
Take A Photo A Day
Help Other People Get More Stuff Done (Organizing!)
Answer 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind