Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pop Culture Wednesday

These are a few of the stories that I have experienced lately!

Broken English:

A neat little film about an uptight woman (Parker Posey), who drowns her sorrows in drugs and alcohol while dating people who are terrible for her.  An encounter with a French visitor challenges her every belief, as his way of living is vastly more relaxed.  Romance ensues :).

Water For Elephants:

I could just picture Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson in these roles - can't wait for the movie!  The book reads like a film, and is such a page-turner that one can't let go.  Gruen manages to bring the circus to life in a way I have never before seen!

Ellie Parker:

A series of Hollywood moments and disappointments.  I only watched it for Naomi Watts.  Decent, but wouldn't fall into my watch again category of films.

The Full Monty:

I LOVED this movie! I had a grin on my face the whole time it played.  This movie brought British working class culture to light, making you care about these men and their ambition to make money from stripping bare naked.  I highly recommend.

What have you seen/read/heard lately that you have liked?  Share, share!



Isabel said...

Annie, have you seen a film called 'The Sweet Hereafter'? It's Canadian, as I know you are, and one of the most beautiful and tragic things I have ever seen. I saw it this week. I highly, highly recommend it to you...I read afterwards it's supposed to be the greatest Canadian movie ever made or something...


Toni said...

I LOVE Parker Posey and really enjoyed Broken English. Loved the surprise ending!

Anonymous said...

I got nexflix just so I could watch movies when I'm sick but haven't watched many. We did rent "The Black Swan" last weekend. Bizarre. But Natalie Portman was unbelievable. She pulled you so deep into her hallucinations that you almost started believing them yourself. I usually don't like dark movies, but this one had me spellbound.