Monday, April 4, 2011

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • Finances!!!! Grrr
  • Getting the date wrong for my endocrinologist appointment...
  • The preparation of food
  • When my face is swollen
  • That my life isn't a musical
  • Hiccups
  • Straining muscles simply by moving
  • Beds that are not my usual

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What is getting under your skin this week?  One moment of good solid complaining usually helps get it out of the system!



Anonymous said...

I try not to complain, but since you *want* me to--1) kids that aren't always eager to help 2) finances (but I'm still blessed to have disability income and some supplementation w/ working from home) 3) eczema and horrible itching, then the meds that help make me sleepy and tired; the steroids increase my appetite and make my face even rounder, but they also help my pain some and give me some energy 4) MS sucks 5) fibro and arthtitis suck 6) depression sucks

I still have it better than sooo many people, though! Even though my vision is affected, I can still see; my walking is sometimes affected, but I can still walk; I have some support of family and friends; my sons are still pretty great; my salvation and faith give me comfort; I inherited a car and am going to try to drive again; my first grandbaby is on the way and I've gained a daughter in my future daughter-in-law.

Hope you have a good week!

middle child said...

"A woman's head is an overpopulated place. Always."

This is exactly me and I have never heard it put this way. It is the best description ever!

Anonymous said...

I will complain about being in this crash mode for way too long.

I went to a new therapist on Wednesday. She told me I should eat protein with my breakfast and maybe I wouldn't get so tired. (No I didn't slap her)

Went to my endo on Tuesday. She just doesn't get the tired thing. I reminded her that I have been dealing with this disease for ten years...just listen to me ok?

Ok I'm done until next week.


Brittany said...

Just found your blog and it has been really great for me thank you.

My complaint. That my veins are hard to get and the techs dig around with needles to get them ans then I look like a drug addict with track marks.


Nicole said...

Meds that aren't working after an hour. That really bugs me!