Monday, April 11, 2011

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • EXTREME bed ridden levels of pain
  • Insomnia
  • Jaw clenching
  • Becoming too invested in the relationships of fictional characters haha
  • Procrastination
  • Fainting
  • Migraines!!

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Hopefully you have all had much better weeks, but if not - let it out here!  Get those bad feelings out so that they can be replaced with good feelings :).



karen said...

Things that bug me about Mondays..
Going back into the office and realizing that you had left a whole pile of shit from Friday that you ran out of time to do before the weekend...
Sitting in your waaay uncomfortable chair and knowing by the end of the day you're going to be hurting again...
Squinting at the damned flourescent lighting...

That's all I got for now :)


Meg said...

I hope your pain eases soon! I had a day like that Saturday (which thankfully only lasted a day). The worst part for me is always that even though I can't do anything but lay in bed, laying in bed HURTS. It's all a vicious cycle.

Sue Jackson said...

Ah, sorry you're feeling so bad, but I think in that case, getting too invested in fictional characters is a good thing! When I get really sick, fiction is a wonderful escape.

As for me, what's bugging me is the same thing that's been bugging me for weeks (years?), and I am starting to feel like I should stop whining about it, but since you asked...I just always have too much to do and can not ever seem to catch up. I hate feeling constantly behind and always overwhelmed. I suppose this calls for a totally new approach, but I don't know what that it. I should probably jetison a bunch of stuff that I'm trying to do, but that's just so hard - I want to do everything...but I know I can't.

OK, you were right - letting it out felt good!

Back to the to-do's...time to refill medicine boxes and start dinner...

Hope your week improves!


Baffled said...

Doctors appointments that take left turns.
Crashing hard (again)
Pain slowly creeping back in.
Hubby being in a bad mood.
Not having a health advocate for those days when my brain just doesn't work and I have a doc apt where I have to answer complicated questions.
Getting home and realizing that I should have answered the docs questions differently; that I left out info; that I should have had forms filled out or signed while I was there.

Susan said...

1. Thinking I'm having a pain free day, then realizing it's cuz I haven't had the energy to do anything...then realizing that when I do move around, my hips are hurting.

2. Needing to lose weight to lower blood pressure, but not being able to burn many calories due to low energy & high pain.

3. My rash on the face is getting redder, bumpier, crusty, and spreading onto my forehead.

4. Having to go for test to rule out bladder cancer.

5. After ruling out bladder cancer, I'll be started on additional Lupus drug to help stop vasculitis & bleeding.

6. Being so far away from my boyfriend & won't be able to see him until I move where he is in June.

7. Been working so hard to help my daughter achieve her dreams, I don't understand why my extended family does NOTHING to help her!

that's enuf i guess.