Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back To Employment

Well, it has been a few days since I last updated this adorably not-followed blog :).

I've started my OJT at the Canada Games! It's actually a really nice spot. I have a computer, an email address, and the people are young, fun, and dynamic. I don't mind being an admin assistant actually, as I could quite literally spend all my time with the computer and boring, repetitive tasks are right up my alley for a few hours a day. Plus, I get unlimited coffee! And who doesn't like coffee?!?

I'm still rocking the virtually no pharmaceuticals, and trying a mostly natural supplement based approach.
I'm taking:
Omega 3's
All B Vitamins
A Natural Sleep Aid Mixture
Complete Multivitamin
Vitamin D
Folic Acid
and that might be it...

It isn't going perfectly, but my brain is significantly clearer. I actually feel like I might be able to accomplish something in the near future :).

After work I did some photoshopping goodness and now I'm taking in some episodes of Weeds.

The boyfriend is having a really hard time at work and it is making me rather despondent as I have no idea what to do to help. Brainstorming for tomorrow I suppose.

Two more days until the Weekend!

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