Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Changing Before My Eyes...

Tis a beautiful September day here in Prince Edward Island. :)

I got to sleep in...I have a large double-double Tim's coffee in my hands...and I'm blogging. Is there much better in life? I highly doubt it.

Anyways, I interviewed for a rather serious job position yesterday as an administration and research support worker. I now await a phone call. Sadly, I often worry about whether or not I want to get back into research-like positions. They demand such a level of professionalism - rather draining for someone who works so hard at being light in spirit. However, working with a computer all day would be rather wonderful.

I start a new job today! It's retail...and for, as my dad calls it, a 'pornographic shop'. Yes, I will be selling sex toys. Not a career path I plan on staying in forever, but it is hard to turn down a job when I have become as poor as I am.

I wandered around Charlottetown yesterday taking some pictures of places I find beautiful on my everyday walks -->

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