Sunday, September 13, 2009

Slow Times Learning The Ropes...


It's a lazy Sunday. I've delved into long-lost craziness and managed to make myself rather concerned about my future. My face is managing to cover itself with cysts again, which is a depressing turn of events. I have the ability to become overwhelmed at absolutely nothing, and just sit and stare at the fridge choosing to never eat, instead of curing some simple hypoglycemia. Messes in the apartment seem insurmountable, so I just sit and stare at the wall.

I went to a whole set of interviews, but so far nothing has worked out. I'm awaiting a call in the early part of this week so fingers crossed - maybe there will be some money in my near future. It would be nice to contribute to the costs of my meds and general living, instead of just having my mother and boyfriend pay for me.

I've been looking around at some blogs that I find overly fantastic, so perhaps I will adopt some of their ideas. I'll post some links too as soon as I find something to raise the blood sugar. Until then, I will continue being entranced by the wonderful XBOX 360 game, Fallout 3.

Love, love


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