Monday, September 7, 2009

September Favorites :)

So I've been spending my Labour Day poking around one of my new favorite websites - Pink of Perfection: A Thrifty Girl's Guide to the Good Life. It's a beautiful website, the type that the rest of us blogger's only dream of achieving.

Anyways, in spirit of that I thought I'd compose a list of things that I'm currently loving:

1. Lists!! (I'm absolutely addicted to creating AND reading them). Amazon lists are potentially the most addictive thing in life for me. It causes me to covet things, but also saves me money in the sense that I can just close the window without popping my credit card information up.

2. Fall weather. It's crisp, cool, and clear outside - the perfect temperature to stir up the creative juices.

3. Shopping my wardrobe. It's a great way to both save money and find new and interesting ways to wear the pieces that you already have and simply forgot about.

4. Books! If there is one thing I have more than anything else, this is likely the culprit. There is something about opening one's mind to the printed word that moves me more than anything else can.

5. Wine and cheese. I'm not a big drinker, but I do love the combination of a nice wine and cheese. As the fall sets in, this is a tradition I plan on bringing to the forefront as it makes me feel like I get a slice of the good life without having to shell out major dollars to do it.

Honorable mention for current dislike:

Searching for jobs. I find job interviews somewhat stressful, and I've had two last week and one at noon tomorrow. I have a hard time not taking rejection personally, but the thought of being hired on and having to carve a niche in an entirely new territory also gives me a scare.

Oh well. I suppose it is time to go pull something out of the freezer to make for the man for supper.


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