Saturday, September 19, 2009

Inspiration :)

So I got rather bored the other day and delved back into my somewhat crafty nature. I made an 'Island-themed' collage that now is in need of a decent frame. It was a fun way to waste an hour of my time, that's for sure. Makes me inspired to continue looking for craft projects and supplies.

Also, I've found so many daily blogs over the last two days that I LOVE. My mind is expanding rapidly as to things I would try if only I could work up the ambition/have the money. The current weather is sucking all of the life out of me.

I have an interview on Monday for a human resources company, and on Tuesday I start my job part-time at an 'adult-only' shop, much to the despair of my parents. I can't turn down possible money at such dire financial times, that's for sure. Oh well, it will be an experience :).

My handsome/wonderful boyfriend took me out to dinner tonight and it was lovely (minus the fact that my Paella was not in the top 5 versions I've had).

Must go play Scene It with friends!



Looking forward to compiling some links to these favorite blogs in the next little bit!

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