Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Six Things! <3

six things i'm looking forward to:
+ getting a job (which hopefully doesn't suck!)
+ going shopping for Christmas presents :)
+ learning more about crafting
+ the turning colors of the leaves (it's starting!)
+ working on becoming more optimistic
+ decorating the apartment

six things i did today:
+ drove my lovely boyfriend to work
+ ate a sandwich and drank some green tea
+ cut out some magazine clippings for collages
+ listed to frou frou
+ went to a job interview for afternoon delight
+ read adorable blogs

six things i wish i could do:
+ be independent enough to work entirely from writing and crafting
+ move into a nice house with a yard and lots of room to decorate
+ shop! (with more money than I have now)
+ make some more friends
+ get a pet and not be allergic to it
+ get a handle on this joyous illness that I have

six places i'd like to travel:
+ san francisco
+ paris
+ tokyo
+ istanbul
+ victoria
+ santorini

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