Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feedback Please!

Yesterday, I was on a blogging idol's website - www.yesandyes.org!
I wrote the article "True Story: I'm Chronically Ill" - check it out here:
So excited about it!

Otherwise...today I'm looking for some feedback.

I want to find ways to make this blog as inspiring and helpful to people with chronic illness(es) as physically (and internet-ly) possible.

I've noticed that few people ever comment on the Links weekly post - should I remove it?  Should I come up with something in its place?  What about Pop Culture Wednesday?

Is the layout easy enough to read?

Is there something that you want to see more of after two years of this blog being alive?

Are there any topics that you would like me to cover that I have not yet covered?

I want to make my readers happy :).  Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Lots of love,


Rebecca Bradley said...

I've only just really come across your blog Annie and think it's great. I'm fairly new to blogging myself, having only really started towards the end of last year so I couldn't comment.

One thing I've picked up with the writing world blogs I visit is that they have guest posters. Maybe you would like to have a guest poster once a month? Someone talking about how their illness impacts on their life?

Just a thought. Loving the blog!

Baffled said...

I like your blog and read it everyday even if I don't comment on some of them. I always check your links but sometimes it takes me a couple of days to go through them if I am having a bad weekend. And, I always love the pictures and cartoons you post.

Georgina said...

Hi Annie!

I'm new to your blog as well. I came over after enjoying your writing on 'yes and yes' (someone kindly sent me the link). I spent yesterday evening reading your posts over at 'Fight like a girl' and then came to here to get to know your blog. It seems to me that you are doing wonderfully well with your blog :-) I think that there's a good balance to your posts - I enjoyed following links and found some very helpful, but I also enjoyed coming back to your short list posts that really say a great deal about how you are doing.

Basically I think that you're doing everything right! I've signed up to follow you via my Google reader. I'm in a bad patch at the moment and appreciate your honesty about how difficult things can get but also your determination to find joy in life. I even ordered the 'How To Be Sick' book after I read the book tour so you must be doing something right!

All best wishes to you,


Grace said...

Hi Annie, I used to be a graphic designer in another life and did corporate brochures and our cool corporate newsletter. This might be personal but the Dark Green on the lighter green seems difficult to read...as opposed to popping out. I really love the light blue at the top. Am thinking if you used that blue in place of the dark green it would really brighten it up, fwiw.

Congratulations on your advocate accomplishments!

Alison said...

Hmm I probably never comment on them but I always love the links, keep them up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie, I don't often comment because it's usually all I can do to read the blogs I subscribe to. I just wanted to say that one of the reasons your blog stays in my google reader is because it's not long winded, it doesn't have too much content for me to follow in one sitting and I love lists of things so I like it when you do your images post and your links posts, please don't axe the links. I usually click on the links (even if it's just to open them in a tab for later viewing).

I don't think that all blogs need to be full of long winded content and guest posters etc etc. I want the human contact, the knowledge that I'm not along and the extra tidbits of info in small doses that I can follow as I'm able.


Annie said...

Thank you all for your opinions! I'll do my best to keep everyone happy :)

Shampoo said...

I think your blog is just fine the way it is. I usually don't check out all the links. I love the pictures. I love the lists.

I personally think you shouldn't have asked the question. It's your blog and you should have it set up anyway you want to make YOU happy rather than your audience.

I also love the pop culture.

I learn a lot about you by what seems to be attracting your attention. Like the different pictures and what kind of stuff YOU are drawn too. I feel like I know you a bunch and my heart goes out to you. You are a special and beautiful woman.

Baffled said...

I agree with Shampoo. Do what you want on your blog rather than pleasing your readers. Do what makes you happy. Readers and commenters will come and go for many different reasons which often have nothing to do with content.

Anonymous said...

Annie, I love everything about your blog! I like the links, and I usually spend hours looking at them and then get lost in a blog hopping daze. You're doing good as far as I'm concerned!

Bethany Mason said...

Hi, I have to let you know that the links post is my favourite. I'm sorry I haven't commented before but I am usually off looking at all the awesome stuff you've linked to (in future I'll try and comment more).

I do find your list posts interesting but I think that perhaps you would get more out of your blog if you wrote a few posts about how your chronic illness effects you day-to-day and any ideas you have found for other sufferers. I also like Rebecca's idea of having guest posts and would definitely read them.

Other than that, I think you need to make sure that your blog is how you want it to be - it is your space to do with what you want and you don't have to write for your readers, you should write for yourself.