Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pop Culture Wednesday

Let's wind up this Wednesday by talking about some Oscar nominations.

I have now officially seen all ten of the films up for the award of best picture.

Here are my top four:

The King's Speech:

My pick for Best Picture.  There was nothing not to love about this movie.  All three main actors pull out some of the best performances of their lives, in the most likable film of the year.  It made me smile, it made me laugh, it ripped out my heartstrings, it put the pieces back together...and all was perfect.  Best Actor will hopefully go to Colin Firth too!

Black Swan:

My other favorite movie of the year, although I have a feeling that not everyone will feel as strongly about it as I do.  Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis have so much combined beauty that I thought my eyeballs were going to pop right out of my head.  I could not take my eyes away from the television.  I thought this film was the most creative and stunning train wreck of a human being that I have ever seen represented.  Natalie Portman deserves that Oscar.

The Fighter:

This film rounds out my top three choices.  I actually delayed seeing this as long as possible, as I couldn't imagine that this was any different than the last clump of fighter movies that were thrown out.  This movie is special in so many ways.  Christian Bale plays a crack addict impeccably, but he still has massive love for his brother, despite his epic narcissism.  The turn around in human relationships come the end of this film is enough to warm anyone's heart.

True Grit:

This movie was great for two things - how much ass that little girl kicked and how much I love Jeff Bridges.  The first half I found to be far more captivating than the latter.  Still worth a watch, but by no means will it win the best awards.

What films are you rooting for at the Academy Awards?



Anonymous said...

I havn't seen 1-2 movies in about a yr. and one was the latest Harry Potter--lol. I'll have to wait till these come on the movie channels--I get them all!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen one of these yet!! I need to get off my butt and watch them. I will start at the top of your list and continue until I've seen them all. I love your reviews Annie!