Thursday, February 24, 2011

Help Get My Brain Up To Speed...

I wish that it was possible for people in the health industry to really understand severe chronic illness, but no one can know without living it themselves.  And that I don't wish upon other people.

As for myself, I'm currently not feeling well enough to churn out anything from my brain.

Tell me how you are all feeling!  Let me catch up with you all!

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Georgina said...

Hi Annie!

Sorry to hear that you're feeling rotten today :-(

I'm struggling with lack of understanding too (I'm in the UK and have been reading about the likely consequences of the PACE trial). I feel absolutely flattened. My sole aim for the day is to have a shower. This is the third day that I've hoped I'll manage that...

I hope that you feel better soon.

Best wishes to you xxx

Toni said...

That picture of the woman collapsed at her computer just about describes me. Because of the book, I've been using my computer so much more these days, answering emails, etc. Yesterday afternoon, that was me in your picture, Annie!

I hope you feel a bit better soon.

Georgina said...

Hello Toni!

I'm not sure if you'll see this but I just wanted to say thank you for writing your book. I found it fascinating & very helpful, especially the summary of approaches at the end of the book (SO helpful for the foggy brained). I need to re-read it and make notes and gradually try different things but it made a great deal of sense even on a first reading.

All best wishes to you :-)

Annie said...

Georgina, the PACE trial absolutely devastated me too. It's so frustrating!! I hope you feel better soon!

Toni, I hear you - I'm also often napping on the computer! I love that people are loving you and your book - as you are a million kinds of fantastic! I hope the illness gives you a break soon!

Georgina said...

Thanks for the well-wishes, Annie. They're much appreciated :-)

I think the worst thing about the PACE trial was the way it was reported in our media (got M.E.? exercise and you'll get better! etc). It's sooooo comforting to know that people in other countries are sympathetic/supportive and can see what is going on in the UK. I'm doing my best to be positive but I have to admit that I was feeling quite defeated yesterday.

On a happier note, have you seen The Mighty Boosh? It's a very sweet/silly/surreal British comedy series. It's nothing like Coupling but you might like it.

Cheerio for now!

Assiya said...

Hope your week gets better from here.

I agree with the other people. I totally relate to the woman in that photo.