Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tumblr Love

For the longest time, I thought Tumblr wasn't for me.

I wanted to express myself in words and only words for the longest time.  I finally broke down and made a Tumblr at fragileannie.tumblr.com, and it's been nothing but a joy.  There are ways that songs, pictures, and clips that can express your insides in ways that words just cannot not touch.  They are complimentary mediums in every way.  I feel like my methods of expressing my battle with chronic illness have expanded dramatically.

So if anyone wants a glimpse inside of my mind, definitely go check it out.  It's like a constant stream of consciousness that goes hand in hand with Twitter.


P.S. today = a pain specialist who has run out of ideas for me, blood work, a car collision, and a dead car battery and freezing cold weather.  Twas' less than stellar.  I thought I was totally fine, but my back has been aching a lot and my jaw is in an absolute stress mess.  Internet hugs and love are welcome!


Rachael said...

I always made fun of tumblr - and now I have one, but I keep it strictly to a theme so I'm not on it 24/7 as I am wont to do when I have a new online habit. My is for the LULZ. http://www.mylittlemacro.tumblr.com


Anonymous said...

Feel better Annie

elisabeth said...

vehicle accidents will definitely surprise you with day-after aches... be extra kind to yourself for a few days! *hugs*

dominique said...

I'm so sorry about your horrible day Annie. Yikes. Sending you love and lots of (((((hugs)))).

Please take it easy for the next couple of days. Even if you don't apear to be injured, car accidents take a toll on our bodies. :-)

Peter said...

*hugs* I hope you feel better, glad you're liking tumblr so much, it's so addicting.

Thanks for your kind words yesterday, they do help.

sanabituranima said...


Take care of yourself.