Friday, February 25, 2011

Love Me Fridays

  • Spending time wish Ashley now that she is home - as well as my parents who I'm going to miss terribly when they are in Florida.
  • My oil paint Sharpie markers that are allowing me to transform an old coffee table into a work of art.
  • The fact that people are trying to be understanding about my brutal hit of depression that I'm in, including myself.
  • Whose Line is it Anyway? episodes always give me a laugh.
  • Mom helping me go get groceries, as I find it impossible to do by myself.
  • Amazing salads with avocado.
  • Accidentally over-paying my bill last time, and having a credit this time :).
  • New books!
  • Getting my Fight Like A Girl club t-shirt in the mail!
  • Academy Awards are this weekend!

(Images from WeHeartIt)

I just seem to be getting more and more sick over the days, but these are the things that have been brightening the days!  What have you appreciated throughout the week?



Tiffany said...

Salads with avocado= <3
And so does getting your FLAG team shirt and what are these sharpies you speak of!

I need to get into the habit og blogging more regularly. Can't figure it out! Maybe I need themed days *shrugs* Loving you!

Jen Daisybee said...

What is a Fight Like a Girl Club t-shirt? Sounds cool!

This week, one good thing that happened was today I stayed home from work, due to depression, and I got some much needed sleep. Rather than berate myself for doing ths, I'm going to focus on the positive side of it, and be glad I got to catch up on sleep.

Georgina said...

Random little presents from my Mum and Dad - chocolate coated almonds, soft stripy socks and a tiny heart shaped soapstone box.
The Happiness Project - an inspiring read
My library, my library, my library! (it's under threat of closure. eeek!)
Playing my guitar
Fingerless gloves keeping my hands warm
Belle & Sebastian 'Write About Love' album (not their best but still cheering & energising)
The King's Speech (go Colin!)

Wish I had oil paint Sharpies! I had no idea that they existed...

Happy Friday to you all xxx

Anonymous said...

mmmm salads with avocado :)

let's see...

1. finally getting into my knitting project
2. lot's of time to read .... speaking of which... new books?? titles!
3. bye bye cold (finally)
4. that #3 means i can slowly get back into the gym
5. it was semi-warm out this week

Toni said...

Just reading about Whose Line is it Anyway made me smile. I love that show and haven't seen it for a long time.

I'm looking forward to the Oscars even though, since I can't go to movies, I've only seen a few of them -- those that are out on DVD.

I hope some of your symptoms ease soon