Monday, February 7, 2011

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • My high tolerance for medication.
  • Losing the pain clinic.
  • Car accident.
  • My knees are being assholes.
  • Having a worse overall mood than usual (which I must keep an eye on...).
Not the worst week, but certainly not the best!

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Alas, I started watching the television show Coupling this weekend and it's been providing a laugh a minute.  Maybe I will be lucky and the pain will stop eating at me.  Go go meditation mode.  Share what has been on your mind this week, and we can all heal together!

Internet hugs would be good.



Anonymous said...

(((Annie))) Hope this wk. is better. Hugs, Kara

Sonja said...

I hate my brother. I've been weaning off of Cymbalta and it's been hard, yet I still do help out when I can around the house. He does nothing, and I ask him for some help and he refuses. I cannot wait til this semester is over so he leaves.

Btw, you have a blog award my dear!

Baffled said...

*Loosing an entire weekend to the shakes and bad neuro symptoms.
*Being alergic to the FM meds.
*Still not having a pain med that works for me.
*My endo doc bumping my apt until mid March. UGH!!
*Feeling sick more often than feeling ok.
*Starting to face financial issues due to my inability to work.

Two good things: my handicap placard came so I can park closer to buildings now and it was sunny and warm today.

Annie said...

Thanks Kara and Sonja!!!

And Baffled, I'm so glad you got a handicap placard! I've wanted one forever, but I'm still hobbling to the stores haha. I'm with you on the financial issues. Hugs to all!

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Jury Duty when I am ill. Second time in three months this has happened.
And yet, our weather has been fall spectacular here in the middle of what is supposed to be the rainy season.