Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things I Hate About Going To The Dentist!

Top Ten Things I Hate About The Dentist:
  • I have a massive phobia about the place and had a ton of panic attacks on Tuesday when I went...I do not like people poking around in my mouth.
  • Even if I have earplugs, the drilling, scratching, and subsequent horrible noises rock me to my very core.
  • My teeth are incredibly sensitive and every time they use sharp objects on them I get nerve pain shooting through my body.
  • My TMJ and small jaw make it REALLY hard to keep my mouth open!
  • The assistant and dentist talk to me and expect responses when their tools are stuffed in my mouth.
  • That too clean feeling you get afterward.
  • When the dentists AND the doctors can't seem to figure anything out for my pain.
  • Fluoride makes me nauseous.
  • When they accidentally cut my gums...
  • Trying to get out of that chair after being in it for almost an hour.  My body gets soooooooooooooo stiff!!
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End rant.

Does seeing the dentist make anyone else miserable??



elisabeth said...

I am currently dreading making a dentist appointment. I haven't been in three or four years and need one or two fillings re-done. I want to get it done this month, though, since we just paid some big bills and next month I want to buy a futon so guests don't have to sleep on the floor. I am hopefully going to a different practice, since I really did not like the last dentist office. The people were nice but rough and I need some babying.

lupie said...

I'm more worried about "dentist bill"!!!!!!!!

Baffled said...

I was born in England and had some horrible dentist experiences as a kid with National Health dentists including being worked on before the novacane kicked in, being yelled at to stop crying (I was 6) and them not letting my Mum in with me even though I was so young. Since I have been in the US I've had nothing but wonderful dentists but still have panic attacks during the visits. They treat me very well here, make me comfortable and use the least painful methods possible. Around here sedation dentistry is also available but I've only used it when I had my wisdom teeth removed. If I had been to a good nice kind compassionate dentist as a kid I wouldn't have this fear now.

Jamee @ A New Kind of Normal said...

I hate the dentist! I actually wrote a post about the dentist today too!