Thursday, March 31, 2011

Care Package Love

Is there any feeling in the world better than that of having someone love a gift you created solely for them?

Kim got my package in England and was ecstatic, thereby making me grin like a lunatic for hours.  I looked at all of the things that I had collected piled on her couch, and remembered that just a couple of weeks ago, they were at home in my craft room.  Now I feel as though there is a tiny part of me by her side.

(All spread out over her couch!)


Who else is a big fan of sending/receiving care packages?



Anonymous said...

Great job! Fun!

Rachael said...

Me! I sent two to my friends in Toronto and I'm going to start one for a friend at grad school :D

elisabeth said...

I love sending and receiving things via post! (In fact, your package is still sitting in my car waiting for the crazy storm to die down so I can post it!) *Hugs*

Anonymous said...

me me me me me! :P