Friday, March 4, 2011

Love Me Fridays

  • The first season of Gavin and Stacey.
  • Having someone plow the driveway!!!
  • Snuggling with the man.
  • Brainstorming ways to make this blog better.
  • Good book and a cup of coffee.
  • Any semblance of laughter.
  • Notebooks.
  • A long sleep :).
  • Talking on Skype to my family.

(Images from WeHeartIt)

What are you loving this week?  Anything extra special to be grateful about?  Sometimes it takes a moment to have an extra thought. 



Baffled said...

*Friends that I haven't seen in years dropping by for a chat.
*My new doc
*The new Thai place in town that has excellent food and is cheaper than the old place.
*Finding a huge pile of clothes that hubby had put in storage without my knowledge.
*My ortho apt is coming up. Hopefully he can make my shoulder stop hurting.
*Being back on my 'normal' diet. Being able to take my meds and suppliments again. I feel much better.

Georgina said...

*Being able to leave the house yesterday for the first time in ages. My Mum drove me to my favourite charity shop (i.e. thrift store) and then we collected my new external harddrive
*A pretty new duvet cover to make my room feel more like Spring is coming
*My BF coming round to see me when I thought that he was going straight back to his studio :-)
*A new-to-me perfect red dress!
*Each and every white hot chocolate mocha that I've made this week
*Finally finishing Picardie's biography of Chanel. Don't read it! It's dull! BUT I'm thankful that I get to start a new book and that I only borrowed the Chanel book from my library rather than buying it! Haha!
*Being able to look on the brightside (I woke late and felt VERY frustrated/cross/grotty but am genuinely feeling cheered up by doing this)

Georgina said...

Woooooo!!! Excellent post - all of my eBay buys have turned up at once and they're even better than I hoped :-) I'm going to hang them outside my wardrobe so that I can see them even if I can't wear them yet (I'm on a pyjama day)

Lorna said...

Love your blog especially all the cute add uplifting pics.Just love the support my hubby and son give me.
Loving Benidorm (uk television). Loving that the sun came out!