Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pop Culture Wednesday

Mildred Pierce:

I flipped to TCM the other night and this movie just popped on.  I had actually NEVER heard of it, which seems a shame.  I did a little research and found out that Kate Winslet and Evan Rachel Wood were doing an HBO version, so I had to stay on the channel.  This film enticed me, purely from the amazing acting of Joan Crawford.  The story is so deliciously twisted!

The In-Betweeners:

This was recommended to me by my sister and my British sister...and it's adorable.  It's so crude, and shows exactly the way teenage boys experience high school!  Too funny.

Rabbit Hole:

This is one depressing movie, but it is one of Nicole Kidman's most AMAZING performances.  I can't even imagine the hurt of losing a child, but this film captures all the feelings.  Entrancing is the only word for this film.

Wristcutters: A Love Story:

This is an adorable movie in the darkest way possible.  In this movie, the protagonists commit suicide, only to find themselves in a world just slightly worse than this one.  Throughout the movie, they realize the parts of life they were missing, teaching the audience alongside.  Really enjoyable :).

What have you liked recently?  I love to keep movies and TV around me so that I feel as though I'm not alone during the day!



Toni said...

I'm watching Mildred Pierce on HBO, Annie. They've turned the movie into a five hour mini-series. I've watched the first two hours and Evan Rachel Woods hasn't come on yet -- because she plays Mildred's daughter and the character is still a young girl.

It's a very methodical, slow adaptation, lingering on scenes of 1930's Los Angeles. Because I love period pieces and Kate Winslet, I'm enjoying it a lot. But I want Evan Rachel Wood to show up because I LOVE her acting! (Have you seen Woody Allen's "Whatever Works"? She's the best part of the movie -- well she and Patricia Clarkson as her mother.

Anonymous said...

I realy want to watch the new one, but don't have HBO. I'll watch the old one if Netflix has it!

Annie said...

!!! I can't wait to see it then!
and Toni, I have seen Whatever Works and I will agree that Evan Rachel Wood just steals the movie :).

Jessica said...

Watched Black Swan last night...I enjoyed a former dancer I love anything revolving around ballet...but my boyfriend hated it!

Georgina said...

I was really lucky and saw 'Cave Of Forgotten Dreams' in 3D last week. I made a special trip as Werner Herzog came and did a Q&A after the screening. I used up far too many spoons and am still paying for it but - hey! - it was worth it to be able to ask Werner Herzog a question and listen to him speak. I know that this is impossible for many people but if you have a chance to see the film it is magical. It feels like you have visited these amazing caves which only a handful of researchers in the world have access to. The film is also pretty funny in places so I highly recommend it.

Annie - my friend who loved 'The Inbetweeners' really loved a show called 'Misfits'. I'm not sure if you can access it but it's on the same channel (can you watch 4OD? It's our Channel 4 on demand online. There's loads of great shows if you can make it work).

I'm also watching a trashy documentary style thing about a top London model agency. It's horrifying and fascinating all at once!