Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hey There World! It's Me!

Instead of links this week, I decided to make a little video introducing myself. This is mostly because I'm too sick to come up with a whole pile of good links. Hope you like!

Minus, of course, those who are close to me in person *HUGS*

How is everyone's weekend going?



Leti said...

Hi Annie, it is so good to see you. Very sweet, and I just want to reach in the tube and give u a hug.

Thanks for sharing. See u next time :)

Toni said...

Annie - It was so great to see and hear you. I'm sorry you were in such pain when you made the video but I want you to know what a treat it was. It was like having you visit at my house! Love to you, Toni

Anonymous said...
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Georgina said...

Hi Annie! It's lovely to see you though I'm sorry that you're in a particularly bad patch *hugs*.

I don't think that I'd be brave enough to post a film of myself when I'm feeling really ill - I feel so vulnerable and I try to hide as much as possible. I think it's great that you have done it - you're reaching people that DO understand and DO care. I've been ill for the same amount of time as you but am much older (36). My piece of world is the same size as yours right now (too small!) as I'm pretty much stuck in bed with a flare up. Boo! I hope that we both improve asap.

Happy Sunday to everyone :-)

Elizabeth Kaylene said...

Hey Annie! It was really cool seeing you! Hope you feel better. (:

crabbyone said...

Awe, that was great!! I hope I can come up with the courage to do that one day!! Your also someone I can count on when needed, esp when I am at a low point... I truly hope you will get use of your leg w/0 pain! I understand the pain of it all!!! Love and hugs back at cha!!

Annie said...

Awww, I love you guys!

I really wanted to have a bit of a closer connection with people, so I decided maybe I should put my face up more on this blog :).

It will be my version of visiting with you <3

Jessica said...

Great to see & hear you! =)