Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Power of Words

For the first time
I feel a sigh
From the blame and shame
My ghosts
haunt me less
Never underestimate
the power of words
to ease the spirit
when the body is forgone.
A different light has flickered.
In time I hope
to make it shine bright
My core will warm
and I will never forget you
as my life will seem less of death
why not me? you ask...
suffering is suffering
we are the army of the unheard
but with each word
we hold much power
to wield wisely
and with honor.

~Annie Martin


Baffled said...

That is lovely! You should submit it for publication on Fighting Back

Rebecca Bradley said...

Lovely words Annie and yes, if you can, I'd try to get them published x

Assiya said...

Nice Annie! And so true

Joaness said...

agree on getting it published.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Annie.