Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm Addicted to Tragedy

I truly am.

Most people watch/read happy or funny things to feel better, and while I do take part in many humorous aspects of society...my heart lies with tragedy.

Tragedy resonates within every ounce of my soul.  I feel their pain as though it was my own pain.  Instead of feeling the weight of the world added to my shoulders, I feel oddly relieved and understood.  I'm not the only one out there having to go through an epically trying time.  Some people in tragic situations even prevail over their circumstances, which is incredibly inspiring.

Tragedy can bring so much poignancy to any given situation.  In my opinion, it is through tragedy that one truly begins to understand the concept of happiness.

Some of my favorites:
  • The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath
  • A Long Way Gone - Ishmael Beah
  • The Painted Veil
  • Lady Jane
  • White Oleander
  • One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
  • Black Swan
  • Requiem for a Dream
What are your favorite sob stories?  I'd love to know so that I can put them all on my must watch/read list!!!!



Anonymous said...

It's really interesting you say this. I used to be exactly like you...addicted to tragedy and the melancholy aspects of life. Sad films, sad music, sad books, whatever. My friends thought I was some kind of masochistic but it just generally made me feel good, warmed me in some way.

Then i got sick. And for the last few months I've been avoiding all the ultra realistic "depressing" stuff in favour of the lite and frothy. This is so not me! And in a way I hope I can go back. But something I have realised now I'm really going through it is that all that dark stuff I loved it before? Well maybe the reason I loved it so much is because I didn't have to live it, it was at a remove from me. Now I'm finding I simply HAVE to focus on the comedic aspects of life and art, sometimes on order to get through the day.

I do miss tragedy though and I hope to renew my appreciation of it when my head is somewhat sorted out.

Interesting topic.

elisabeth said...

I think that tragedy can be a catharsis and puts our lives in perspective- it can take us out of what we're currently experiencing and look at things in a new way.

Emily said...

Steel magnolias. :)

I haven't had the desire for a sad movie in a long time... I like the catharsis of a good long cry BUT crying makes my head hurt. I'm one that goes for the humor.

Baffled said...

I would have to say Hamlet. However, I have never been one for sad movies even when I was well. Now that I'm ill I try to stick with lighter fare. Lots of funny romance movies and romantic dramas with happy endings. I need more happy in my life.