Monday, March 28, 2011

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • That time of the month and how it amplifies pain
  • Aching hands
  • Bills
  • The fact that the fridge does not stock itself haha
  • My inability to keep my chocolate eating to a minimum!
  • How simple it is to overdo it with this illness...
  • That I can't magically make other people stop hurting
  • Not having the drive to write much lately
(I'm trying to not do this so much anymore...)

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What are the little things picking away at you this week?  Share them here and we can all cleanse and let them go together :) *hugs*.



middle child said...

Not being able to help my daughter who is deep into a depression and won't listen to anything anyone tells her.
My neck still hurts and I don't know how much longer I can be in denial about needing surgery.
My husband who keeps changing the rules when we play canasta.
The cold weather.

Um, many words will fit into this little comment box?

I always read your posts and never seem to comment. But I glean info and also am always wishing you well, tho I never tell you that. Peace.

Anonymous said...

I have been crabby crabby crabby all week. I hate that!

Raven/Missy said...

I enjoy your blog Annie and really liked your introduction video!

Things that bug me Monday..waking up and every muscle in my back and pelvis has been tightly crocheted with one of those tiny tiny hooks so they don't move

knowing my daughter is hurting mentally and physically and I can't fix it

Needing to do laundry and being unable to walk

needing to do fund-raising for my son's best friend who was severely burned and I can't walk

Anonymous said...

1. cover letters.
2. cover letters.
3. did i mention cover letters?
4. living at home can be nice since i pay no rent, utility or grocery bills ... it can also be annoying and frustrating after being on my own for years
5. it's the end of march and there are still snow storms in the forecast!
6. my weight loss has plateaued and i cant get it to start up again. and ive only lost 20 of the 40lb so far.
7. trying find a new life goal is flipping hard.

Anonymous said...

I can so relate to you! This Monday finds me aching throughout...some kind of flare-up. It's hard and scarey not knowing why and when/if it'll end. Frusturation with it all can be unbearable. Faith that I can cope and that this too shall pass is my outlet. I know stress doesn't help so I try to remain positive. I hate complaining or the idea of being a burden!!!I'm sensitive to others suffering and wish I could help more. The feeling of being alone even though I have some great support is overwhelming at times.

Carl said...

Something slightly less serious is bugging me!

Samantha Kira said...

Wow. I can totally identify with everything on your list!