Sunday, June 28, 2009

Quiet Sundays :)

La la la la la. That's my dog Zoe :)..

It has been a surprisingly uneventful day on my part. I've decided to cold turkey the Cymbalta as a result of the horrible things it is doing to my mind. I like to think I'm not a cold and volatile individual. I haven't had any withdrawal effects yet, but I'm waiting for them patiently.

I feel like I'm starting to pack on the pounds. A diet definitely needs to be in order with some exercise here shortly.

I made a delicious Green Curry Beef on rice noodles this afternoon. Hopefully my beloved will enjoy it when he comes home :). I'm excited to be starting the 3rd season of Weeds shortly (a GREAT show that I'm surprised I've managed to miss out on for as long as I have). Otherwise, I'm basically picking away at magazines looking for pictures I can use to make collages. I wish I could buy an endless supply of books and craft materials; unfortunately, in order to do that one must keep down a job.

I should find out about work tomorrow.

Eeeeeeeeeeee! I'm excited to get back out into the world again. I live in my pajamas and they aren't all that attractive.

We're having car problems on top of money problems in general so I'm crossing my fingers that everything will just fall into place.


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