Sunday, November 29, 2009

Coming Round The Mountain...To Monday

I have started a cross stitch. So far it has like 7 stitches in it and for some reason this makes me feel more accomplished than anything has in a LONG, LONG time. Although I do get some sense of satisfaction out of my inspiration binders.

Still working away at retail life for far less than what my lovely time is worth. I have some new furniture to show off once I get on some picture taking.

Things currently amusing me:

1. PEOPLE magazine's crossword puzzle book. This is about my general level of intellect, despite the fact that I read constantly.
2. Jon playing Brutal Legend on the Xbox. Jack Black rarely fails to amuse.
3. Getting WallE iron-on transfers! I have no idea what to stick them on yet, and my mother thinks I'm 5, but I'm still excited.
4. Making plans. Oh how I'm always making plans. I'm going to make this a good week. Go optimism!!

And now, purely because it amuses me and I have very little in terms of a filter for inappropriate...this picture makes me giggle:

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