Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sleep Dep Nuttiness

I'm back to winning life with the whole not sleeping. To honor that, I have devised a list of multiple things to do when your loved one is getting restful z's and you frustrated as all miserable hell (assuming you live in an apartment with more than one room...):

* Bake some (gluten-free in my case!) chocolate chip muffins!
* Get out the iPod and crank some club tunes in the headphones and have your own private dance party! (I went with the new-ish Black Eyed Peas album, and I must say there is a song that strongly resembles techno chipmunks).
*Prowl the blogging world for amusement (as there is ALWAYS a new blog to read).
*Do PEOPLE crossword puzzles. Yes, I am a loser and paid like 15 bucks for a book of these, but sadly, my knowledge of relating clues to words just isn't strong enough to handle those New York Times ones. I'll leave those to the smart kids.
*Think up ridiculous lists to post to your blog! hahahahaha...sad.
*Clean something. I mean what better time is there to tackle that soap scum covered bathroom??
*Try to learn something new. Seriously, if trying to pick up a skill that you only have half an interest in (especially if related to schoolbooks), can't put you to sleep - NOTHING CAN.
*Think about your stumbling, drunken (at all hours) upstairs neighbors. They are seemingly getting even less sleep. That might be an bitter suggestion on my part...

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