Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We're remodeling!

If I was a good little blogger, like I someday aspire to be...I would be documenting the process in a more detailed manner. However, I am not the one ripping up the carpet and laying down the rich mahogany floors, as that is courtesy of some complaints to the landlord.

Moving from orange 70s shag carpets to hardwood floors is a big jump though, and I cannot wait to make this place more beautiful. Our options for wall colors will be vastly improved from this (rather inconvenient process of) change.

This is a look at our rather lackluster setup:

I'm excited for the changes. I'll just keep saving money and plugging away at DIY projects from all my beloved bloggers that I admire on this beautiful thing called the Internet.

On a final note, the amount of wood and carpet dust that is up in the air right now is not doing my asthma/cold ANY favors. Oh well. Can't win them all :).


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