Monday, November 23, 2009

Routine Failure...hahahaha

I think I keep forgetting to take my pills.

I'm not entirely sure, as the pain seems to be similar on any given day, but my brain doesn't seem to be remembering to get around to it. I need a new routine. Or checklist. Or something equally brilliant. I'll make one on the fly right now.

Things I Do in the Morning:

1. Jon hits the snooze button. Therefore, I continue to sleep.
2. And again.
3. And again.
4. I finally get up when he goes to work for 9, unless it's a morning where I work (in which case, this schedule gets backed up substantially and I get up at 730 a.m).
5. I drink some kind of juice from the fridge and daydream about the day I'll be able to brew a perfect pot of coffee. When I remember, I put ribose in it. Hence, my first issue that needs to be changed.
6. Either take pills or forget to take pills.
7. Get in the shower...and proceed to try and get clean before the hot water runs out.
8. Curse angrily at the water/building/world.
9. Get dressed and put on 1400 pounds of makeup to cover my joyful cystic acne problem.
10. Do whatever I was supposed to do for the day --> if nothing, waste my life on the Internet.

As one can tell, this schedule needs a LOT of help. This should go into my immediate goals, along with get a new job! Woooooo planning for things that may or may not happen.

Also, I bought a purse on a whim off of the Internet last night. Marc by Marc Jacobs. The Doodle Purse. It's childish sure, but in the happiest 13-year old way possible. I LIKE.

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Kirsten said...

I've never read blogs before and I accidentally stumbled on your page. I really love your updates or whatever they are callde :D they make me feel not so alone in a way. Thanks :)