Friday, November 19, 2010

Love Me Fridays

  • Spending more time journaling and cooking!
  • My iPod Touch and book light for keeping me entertained throughout the night!
  • All I think about is cake.
  • Getting things crossed off the to-do list!
  • The fact that you can amuse yourself to death on the Internet (I somehow also think this is a bad thing! haha).
  • Salt scrubs.
  • Apple juice.
  • The fact that I'm not a Hoarder! Yes, I'm watching Hoarders at 2 a.m.
  • Middle of the night television and twitter for keeping me sane(ish)!
  • Putting the Edgar Degas collage back on the wall!
Can I have this manicure please?
Haha, I want one of these mats!
I want fur babies!
(Images from WeHeartIt)

So what are the little things that you are grateful for this week??  Remember, everyone could always have it worse, so reflecting on the things that take you through the days is always a good thing!



Baffled said...

* Finally finding my lost mother at the airport.
*Haveing her here for a visit.
*The lovely sparkly tea cozy she has knitted for me.
* The cool bunny slippers she is going to knit me for Christmas.
* The cool wrist warmed she is going to knit me for Christmas.

Sue Jackson said...

love the doormat!

I need this today, Annie - long list of hings to do today to get ready for tomorrow's trip, but I'm feeling awful again. yesterday's tiny burst of energy didn't last.

So, what am I grateful for?

* My husband comes home today after two weeks away!!!
* My kids are unbelievably excited about the trip.
* No work or responsibilities for me for 6 days.
* Did I mention my husband is coming home??

I'm feeling pretty down this morning - thanks for helping!


Anonymous said...

I L O V E that manicure!

1. I'm happy because my Hubby is on vacation next week!

2. I'm happy because my college son is coming home for our Thanksgiving!

3. I am so happy that my SIS took me to the grocery store yesterday! I got to stock up on a lot of things!

4. I'm happy because the Joe-Man finally gave in and is letting the dog sleep on the bed with me when I don't feel good!


That Girl With Endo said...

I am grateful for my MacBook and Oxycodone this week! They have gotten me through. Pheww.