Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pop Culture Wednesday

So this week, I've checked out Netflix and my sister left me her Wii!  Talk about ways to entertain the housebound!


I have been LOVING Netflix streaming online!  It is sooooo worth the little bit of money they charge a month!  It has all of those movies that you haven't seen in forever, and can't easily find on the Internet.  I've been watching a ton of great films, trashy films, any films...

What Happens In Vegas:

I actually enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would.  It was simple, but cute and heartwarming.  Just the light piece of candy I needed on a recovery afternoon.  If you want a decent rom-com, I recommend checking it out :).

Dazed and Confused:

I just love this movie. So much fun!

Kirby's Epic Yarn:

Since my sister left her Wii at our place while she's in the midst of exams, we decided we'd try out some of the games!  I love this game so much!  The graphics and ideas are crazy and whimsical.  100% entertaining and I don't have to be a super awesome gamer to be able to play well.  If you own a Wii, I definitely think you should try this one on for size!

What are you loving this week??  Always love your suggestions!



Toni said...

I love Netflix. If I ever forget when I realized that my viral infection had turned into something chronic, all I'd have to do is go to the Netflix site and read where it says: "Member since October 2001."

LOVE Netflix. Still, after all these years.

Kara said...

Movies that make me laugh: Love, Actually, The Break-Up, Four Christmases; other favs: Gone w/ the Wind and Air Force One

Sana Quijada said...

1st off, luv movies!!! watch them when i exercise. works for me. my "carrot."
keep on!

Migrainista said...

So glad you have discovered Netflix. The service is fabulous and the product is even better. I do 80% of all my viewing on Netflix.

I've been a huge fan since 2002 and have never once been disappointed or upset with how they have handled things.

I hope you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Annie said...

I am so enjoying it!

Thanks for the movie suggestions Kara!!

Anonymous said...

must get dazed and confused. anything titled so close to my reality must be embraced.