Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pop Culture Wednesday

I have been playing a lot of television and movies in the background lately, in order to pretend I have company around the home (yes, I am that lame!).

Half Nelson:

This was a really touching movie that I just revisited.  It's true, Shareeka Epps is really the star of this movie, as she steals every scene she shows her face.  Ryan Gosling plays a crack addicted professor, who really means the best, despite his drug habit.  Really makes you revisit one's views of addiction, as it is never as black and white as it seems.  Drey (his student) and Dan (Ryan Gosling) develop an unlikely but emotionally satisfying friendship once she discovers his secret.  I recommend.

Reality Bites:

I LOVED this film.  It definitely will go into the must-watch on a regular basis pile!  It really describes how University sets you up to believe that life will deliver these great things, only to have individuals fall apart when they are trying to find work in a difficult, low-end market.  So snarky, so amazing, so loveable.

The Dharma Bums:

I was recommended this book by my lovely friend Sarah, and it was not a disappointment.  I have a great interest in Buddhism, and this book just instilled even more of these wonderful thoughts into my head.  I'm not sure I want to live out of a pack on the side of a mountain (not conducive for the chronically ill haha...), but the idea is beautiful.  Smith and Japhy are both highly likable characters, and Jack Kerouac just rocks my socks.

Zach Galifinakis Live:

I REALLY wanted to like this.  I found it boring, I found him offensive, and just overly blah.  Maybe I was just in the wrong mood.  I normally like his comedy, but he just seemed like a drunken buffoon in this one.

Did you love any of these?  Hate them?  What have you watched/read/listened to this past week?


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