Monday, November 29, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • Scaly winter skin and the amount of moisturizer it takes to prevent the situation!
  • The fact that two more hard drives have crashed around this place...(we must be really wicked on hard drives...).
  • Having late night snack ribs stuck in my teeth with no dental floss to be found!
  • Not conversing with my friend Leslie for wayyy too long!
  • That I lost my TMJ mouth guard somewhere around this house!
  • Bills, bills, bills.
  • Being reliant on Celexa to have a remotely stable mood :(.
  • Not knowing whether or not to buy Goo Goo Dolls tickets or Melissa Etheridge tickets!!! Torn.
  • Panic attacks at night :/

I love Savage Chickens!

A picture of one of the graveyards in Charlottetown.

Isn't this so, so true??
(Images from WeHeartIt and myself)

What is getting you down this Monday??  I'm not going to lie, I'm having a bit of a down weekend. How do you normally cheer yourselves up?



Baffled said...

*not being able to ice skate anymore
*missing my ice skating friends
*missing my skating coach
*having to get a wheelchair just so I can go to the market for food
*having my kid tell me he doesn't want to push me around because I'm too big (I'm not. He's just too embarassed. Just love teenage boys.)
*getting a cold on top of whatever I alread have

Anonymous said...

My top one today?
- bosses who either don't know or just don't care about disability and labor laws.

Sue Jackson said...

Sorry you had a bad weekend. Your sleep graph gave me a good laugh - boy was that true last night! I had a terrible time getting to sleep, even after I got up and took a half an Ambien...going to have to take it easy now today.

My favorite cheer-ups are uplifting music (I have a "feel good" playlist on my iPod!), watching a favorite, uplifting movie, or reading a really absorbing book (blatant escape)...and of course, visiting other CFS blogs for inspiration!

Hope today is going better for you -