Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quote of the Day - Marilyn Manson

I enjoy Marilyn Manson.  I'm not going to lie.

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I was not raised on technology the way today's children are, but it has since become a very pervasive and important part of my life!  This is especially true with being sick and housebound!  I wonder if neighbors were more supportive of their sick in the past, or if the sick individual was simply without anyone with which to identify.  

What do you think of this statement?  Do you think young people are being altered by mass amounts of information, or do you think it is just making them more informed?  I would love opinions!!!



Baffled said...

That is a very very large can of worms. Culture is so different both geographically and generationally. Things change for both the bad and the good. The internet has made the world smaller and dumped tons of information into our hands. We can connect with each other instantly and keep in touch more easily. However it is a virtual world and doesn't fuction by the same rules as face to face. I think in some ways we have lost something in that. The personal contact is lacking, the intimate conversation, the in depth discussion. I don't like some of the trends I see; no one visits in person when Facebook is so easy, the language of the kids can get out of hand, the bullying can get out of hand, parental supervision is almost impossible. It is a complex answer that I'm sure the sociologist will have a field day with for years to come.

Hollywood Glamorous said...

Absolutely love Marilyn Manson! (BTW - this is H0llywood on Twitter we spoke yesterday).

In my opinion his statement is 100% accurate. We're currently living in a culture far to fast, a culture that takes us away from each other, a culture that revolves around computers and servers. I'm sure you have experienced a issue in which your internet service provider had a hiccup and your Internet went out for an hour or maybe even a full day.

We can no longer do without our computers. Society cannot function without computers. I walked in my bank once to deposit a check, "I'm sorry our computers are down". I called the pharmacy to phone in a refill, "We're sorry can you give us an hour are computer is down right now." Computers go out at Wal-Mart or any retail store and goods cannot be purchased. Banks don't function, Traffic lights don't function, we couldn't get anything to eat if computers went down..

The grid goes down and we're all screwed and at 27 I am just the first generation.. My baby will be completely be overwhelmed by technology she/he will not know the things I knew and she/he would never believe grandma had none of this as a child. Again, with the population increasing and technology growing so rapidly as it is at current (included is mobile technology, of course) if the grid fails. We're going to be lost, without, and suffering.

We would had done it to ourselves, which is why "it blows up in your face" is so significant to me. Humans are the ones who are wanting faster more technological eases to their life.

Sorry so long. Trying to get my mind off pain and depression, at current. This is my work-at-home account (not connected to my personal). If you wish you can follow me :).