Monday, November 1, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • Heart palpitations.  I've been having lots of them at night, in addition to some serious restless leg syndrome!  Keeps me awake and in pain.
  • The fact that I did not do moving well as a "spoonie" and pushed way too hard.  Now my poor body feels like it got into a fight with a tractor trailer and I did not win.
  • My boyfriend's sister is sooooooooo talented and yet refuses to believe it!  I guess we all get that way, but I wish she could see the shining star that she is!
  • Being nervous that this painting that I bought on the Internet won't make it to our mailing address!  It was supposed to be addressed slightly differently and now I panic. I love her stuff though!:
(Image by Betsy Walton)

Otherwise I don't have much to be frustrated about!!  I'm in a beautiful new home, and I want to savor every second of it (minus the pain!).  My enhanced MRI of my pituitary gland is tomorrow, so we will see how that works out...

(Images from WeHeartIt)

What is getting under your skin this week??  Did you wake up on the right side of the Monday bed or the wrong one??  This girl would love to know the details!



Lee Lee said...

I can relate to the heart palpitations and restless legs ... always worse at night when you want to sleeeep ..... just 2 more things to complain about really hahhaha

Lauren Elyse said...

Things that bug me:

1) Stress
3) My mother-in-law's ungrateful attitude

Baffled said...

*The fact that I just started to feel better on my B12 and pain meds but had to stop cuz my tummy couldn't handle it.
*Being woken up by an intense headache that could easily develope into a migrane.
*Having the headache make me feel sick to my stomach.
*Having yards of paperwork to do in order to get disability insurance.

elevesque said...

I can definitely relate to the heart palpitations. I know it's not anything to truly worry about, but they are terrifying, which doesn't help alleviate them.

-Not being able to concentrate/work because I burned myself out last week
-Docs refusing to put me on savella when I asked because according to him I'm doing fine
-Having enough work in the next to week to surpass the stress level of end of semester work.
-Driving 1.5 hours today for a 10 minute meeting'
-Starting the day with nightmares about my mother dying and being barred from her funeral

Sue Jackson said...

I had heart palpitations this morning, too, but a big glass of V-8 did the trick! It's from OI, so salt and fluids usually helps me.

Not too much bugging me today, except the state of politics in the US - too may extremists these days and not enough centrists and moderates. Thank goodness the political ads will be gone by morning (today was election day).