Monday, November 15, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • The fact that someone would take the time to inform me that they think my blog is a constant pity party and that I promote a life of living on the couch.  Ouch.  I hope no one else falls into this territory :/.
  • I need more energy so I can start decorating for Christmas!  So excited!  I love holidays and decorating!
  • Low blood sugar.  Totally investing in glucose tablets thanks to a Twitter friend!
  • When you can't get in contact with someone you love, and the worst case scenarios start floating through your mind after so many attempts...
  • The BBQ ran out of propane!  No last minute BBQ's with which to sign off Fall!
  • My skin.  It may bug me for awhile, as it doesn't look like the cyst party is going to clear up anytime soon.
  • The wheel bearing being broken on my car.
Bahahaha, toe stubbing plans!

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Otherwise, I'm pretty psyched!  I had a great date with the best friend and my sister left me the Wii while she has exams!  Nothing to knock about any of that.  My body is only half-behaving, but what else is new??

Is anything picking away at you this week??  Leave your stresses here and try to go out without the heavy shoulder baggage for the week!



Anonymous said...

Pity party??!! You are an honored guest at all of our pity parties, so why can't we come to yours? Tell that person to go home and not come back.

We haven't had out good bye to Fall BBQ either. Maybe one day this week, or the weekend. But the JoeMan had stood outside in the snow to grill steaks for Christmas Eve one year. Yummy!


Baffled said...

I'm in too much of a good mood to have a bug me list today. I'm feeling much better thanks to some good B12 pills I picked up at the health food store. Yes they are expensive but the cheap ones gave me severe heartburn. Bad enough that I had to go on prescription meds. Anyway, hubby and I went out on a date today! First one since I got sick! Of course we did it CFS style, I showered late yesterday so I didn't have to do it today and we went to the movie in the afternoon and had an early dinner but we did it! And had a great time doing it! Yay!!

nerdse said...

When you hurt bad, you're worn out, your innards don't work right, who wouldn't have a pity party once in a while? The question isn't whether you have them, but whether or not you move on afterwards. You do. Likely the one who made the comment hasn't got a clue or is in the self-righteous, healthier phase of a chronic illness that some get into (the latter meaning this will come back to bite them in the behind). Either way, ignore 'em. They're not worth your time.

Miss Diazepam said...

Pity parties are totally fine and even healthy when taken in the right doses! This is not really my point though, which would sound more like: f*ck them! As if they knew what it feels like! Even if they did you can never be in someone else's head. I don't really know it either, but I don't believe in blind, dumb judging.

Well, that was the main reason for my comment, but since im already here: what's bugging me personally is finding out i cant take proper malaria tablets for india because of my anxiety and depression issues and so gonna have to hope the mechanical protection works. Scaaaaary :(

Ps: love that snake earring :)

dominique said...

It's funny. I don't see it as a pity party. I see it as a 'fact' party. This is how it is, good, bad or ugly.

I want - so much - to have a good week but I'm in bed with a fever, stomach pain and upset, pain, aches, get the picture. Kinda in a sour mood today too.

Going to bed early today ... at least I hope so!

I think you rock, Annie, no matter what miss busy body had to say! You're welcome to my party any day beautiful girl!

Anonymous said...

I luv your candid venting. venting is not necessarily self-victimization or self-pity. You might enjoy this a bit.
keep on!

Cusp said...

low blood sugar/hypoglycemia >>>chromium tablets been a godsend to me :O)

Annie said...

Thanks for the support loves!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Hi Annie,

While I'm not a frequent visitor, I love your work here. I wish there were more hours in the day to read all of the great bloggers out there. :-)

Your blog is not a pity party in my opinion, but rather an artful expression of life with challenges that many people don't have to deal with.

Stay strong sister!

Anonymous said...

"things that bug me" is brilliant. going right to it. stark honesty rather than dragging us down, denies the decline and buoys us to where we want to be. luv it. might steal it. just keeping you informed ;). keep on!