Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Loves and Loathes in Terms of Doctors

For my illnesses, I have a team of doctors on board.

Sadly, I did not get to choose the doctors, as that is not how it works in Canada.  I get assigned a particular doctor, and if we start to have qualms with each other, I put in a request to have a referral.  Referrals can take up to two years to happen.

As a result, I try my best to work with the doctors I have, but that isn't always possible depending on the quality of the workers at hand.

I know my body better than anyone.  Better than any doctor.  So anyone who dismisses me as crazy is instantly written off.  I don't have the time or patience to deal with those kinds of people, as they destroyed my self-esteem as a teenager.  I now know that I deserve to stand up for myself, and I take the measures to make sure that I do.

What I like in my doctors:
  • An open mind towards full body medicine.  I'm sick of only being treated for particular parts of my illnesses, when I know most of them intertwine.
  • Regular blood testing.  I want to know what's going on.
  • The realization that I rapidly metabolize medication, and to dose me accordingly.
  • The knowledge that Fibromyalgia, CFIDS, and autoimmune diseases are very serious and very debilitating.
What I don't like in my doctors:
  • Those who don't communicate with my other doctors.  Everyone seems to be in the dark all of the time!
  • Those who say awful things about my other doctors and their attempts at treating me.
  • Those who tell me that if nature wants me to be sick I should just embrace the sickness and wait for it to go away.
  • Lack of respect or clashing personalities.
I'm still on the search for some of these doctors, but I hope they come sooner rather than later!!

What do you like and dislike in your doctors loves???



Baffled said...

I'm lucky. In the US if I don't like my doctor I can just go to a different one. About ten years ago I had one that blamed every single thing that went wrong with my body on my weight. (He must have had a phobia) When I got rid of him and went to someone else they found all sort of things physically wrong with me that the other doc didn't even look into. I think this was the most agregious thing that has happened to me. With my current illness though I did go to one virologist that didn't believe in CFS. I never went back to him after that.

The doctors I like listen to me. Check out my complaints to see if something real is going on and not dismiss it out of hand. They try to fix things and not put them down to weight, age, fill in the blank.

Anonymous said...

Embrace your Illness???? If I could embrace it I would, then kick it's ass!

FIGHTER said...

you said it so right, another great post.

FIGHTER said...

I wanted to add also that I hate those that seem to be in a rush and act as if you are just a number in their day.

upnorth said...

I like your pros/cons like/dislike approach to thinking about your Dr.s. I think it's a more realistic perspective than the one I have most the time. THanks

Toni said...

I can't believe you had a doctor who said if nature wants you to be sick you should just embrace it. What kind of doctor is that?

I like doctors who can accept that they may not be able to "fix" me, but are willing to work with me on symptoms. Some doctors' egos get so involved, they can't handle a patient they can't "fix."

Sue Jackson said...

Wow, as many problems as we have in the US, I'm glad I get to choose my own doctors (of course that's because we have good health insurance).

To me one of the most important things in a doctor is to be open-minded. I love a doctor who doesn't mind saying, "I don't know" or who is willing to learn things from me! We're lucky to have a great team of doctors, for me and for the kids.


Selena said...

I wish I had a doctor who was more willing to treat the symptoms that bother me the most. I know I am really doing everything I can, but feel like my doctors are holding out on helping me. They can't fix me. Why can't they help me feel better, even if it is just a little bit less painful, less tired and more rested???

Sick Momma said...

Ok, I'm furious on your behalf, and the behalf of everyone who has been told something like you were about "embracing" your illnesses.

I also didn't know Canadians couldn't just change practices and would have to wait so long for a new referral. Wow! That does really force you to do your best to work with the doc you've got. :-( FWIW, I've run into problem when I've had a poor or mediocre experience with one doctor in a large practice and want to change to someone else within the practice. (For instance, there' really only two practices of neurologists where I live. They might have multiple offices and work at various location, but once you've seen one doc in the practice, none of the others will touch you with a 10-foot-pole. :-( I thought it was just me, at first, but now I've found many other locals with the same experience. :-(

Anyway, great post, and thanks for contributing it to my edition of PFAM!