Sunday, January 2, 2011

Links, Links, Links!

Some random neat things that I have found all over the Internet over the last couple of weeks!

Little boy just can't quite get that hose water in his mouth! Cute.

A Neil Gaiman creepy Christmas poem!

Hyperbole and a Half never fails to give me a laugh :).

The most controversial magazine covers of the year!

I found this to be a pretty great hitchhiking sign.

New Bright Eyes song!

The Coen Brothers' Guide to Love - love it!

I bet this guy isn't so excited about his day...

Top excuses used to sabotage life when we should be living it! (A definite for a New Year!)

Hope you like!

If you find any you think I would like, you're encouraged to share!


1 comment:

dominique said...

Very interesting links today, Annie. My fave is the little boy and the water hose. Too cute!