Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pop Culture Wednesday

These have been my little distractions away from reality this week!  My moments living outside of reality often seem vastly better than my moments in reality; funny how that works, eh?

Dolores Claiborne:

My very FIRST Stephen King book!  It was fantastic, and I need to add more to my library!  Dolores is such a complex character, and since I saw the film first, I could only picture Kathy Bates in my head.  I loved that it was written as a confession - beautiful style.

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men:

I was on the fence about this movie until the final scene, where John Krasinski reveals to his ex-girlfriend the very reasons why he left her for another woman.  It was so poignant and so touching.  I felt like my brain opened up, revealing what stirs human relationships. It's hit and miss, but when this movie hits, it really hits!

Party Girl:

I ADORED this movie!  Parker Posey is a goddess and the best party girl and librarian ever.  Such a cute coming-of-age movie/romantic comedy.  I can't believe it took me this long to see such a fun film.

Lou Lou magazine:

I am a fashion junkie, and I have to say that this is my very favorite Canadian fashion magazine!  I have restricted myself to buying less than 3 magazines a month, as I have a horrible tendency to binge on them.  I love throwing myself into the beautiful that I will never be able to afford.  Definitely the easiest way to get away from the world for a few minutes.

What have you been indulging in this week?  Treating yourself and others well I hope?!



Baffled said...

I watched Two Weeks Notice again. I like that movie. It is a nice chick flick.

I started reading Eat, Pray, Love which I love on so many levels. I've also been listening to Eragon on MP3 player. I'm still working on finishing up The Pain Chronicles. It takes me so long to read books now that I'm ill.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

This week shapes into food comforts and yummies:

1) Clementines-seedless, easy-to-peel little tangerines that come in five-pound net bags and are hot to make last more than a day or two;

2) SunMaid raisin bread-toasted with real butter;

3) Homemade banana bread with a great recipe !~!

4) Blogs accompany me into the wee hours of the morning basking in front of the gas heater.

May our weeks be filled with satisfying moments and hours of sleep.

Alex said...

Like your blog. I have Lupus too.

Sue Jackson said...

Oh, wow - your first ever Stephen King?? Excellent! he's perfect for reading when you're sick - he's so good at pulling you in and helping you escape. One of my favorites of The Dark Half, about a writer. We listened to Delores Claiborne on audio - it was excellent!

I posted my movies yesterday and the books we're reading at my book blog on Mondays:

Enjoy your books and movies this week!