Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quote of the Day - A Secret Thought

I can't even count how many times this thought has crossed my mind in various forms and fashions over the course of my life.



Baffled said...

No one. Absolutely NO ONE deserves to be in pain!!!!!

Mo said...

You don't deserve it, I don't deserve and no other babe deserves it Honey Bunny!!

dominique said...

I agree with Baffled and Mo. No one 'deserves' to be in pain. Absolutely not.

Well...except for that baby killer in Florida? For him, I might say yes!

Rebecca Bradley said...

We absolutely do not deserve to be in this pain! x

Lynelle said...

I sometimes get caught up in thinking that I'm as sick as I am because of the toxic thoughts I've carried around for years (and am getting rid of).

And I do believe that, to an extent.
Especially when I get stuck in depression and frustration about my health.
I think I'm making myself sicker.

It's not like I deserve it, though.
It just might be a factor.
Or it might not.

How do you separate mind and body?