Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pop Culture Wednesday

I've been doing my typical watching, reading, and writing rituals of the week.  These are just some of the things that I've taken in and enjoyed.  Just keep pushing on through these tough emotional and physical times...

Why People Die by Suicide by Thomas Joiner:

This was an interesting read that I picked up at the Pain Clinic.  Joiner has done an EPIC amount of research in the subject, as he was intensely interested after the death of his father by suicide.  He manages to play both the survivor and the educator, and it's a really fascinating viewpoint.  If you have ever lost a loved one to suicide, or had one think about suicide - it's a must-read.

The Marriage Ref:

I find this show to be ridiculously funny.  I don't know if the arguments are actually real, but my goodness, if they are, they are hilarious!!  Three celebrities of different backgrounds get together (changes every week!) and make fun of the situations put before them.  They weigh in and vote on a winning side of the argument.  The comedic talent on this show never fails to amuse me.

Raising Arizona:

The BEST Nicolas Cage film in my opinion.  LOVE IT.  It was introduced to me by my father, and I've been laughing at this comedy ever since.  So worth watching.  One of my all-time faves :).

Strangers With Candy:

This movie is a much more of an acquired taste.  Amy Sedaris and Stephen Colbert are two top notch comedians, who do awkward, crude, and smart comedy in a way no one else could.  This could maybe be described an unconventional high school romp(?), but it is too out there for words!

What have you indulged in recently that you found interesting?  I'd love to know!  I've been eating up this Twitter feed of #lessambitiousmovies tonight!  So funny!


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Sue Jackson said...

Raising Arizona is a classic! I I recently added it to my list of movies to share with my teen son.