Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Opposite of Sex

In the movie, The Opposite of Sex, Lisa Kudrow remarks that she'd rather have a backrub or a good shampooing than sex and the ins-and-outs of dating/relationships.

She wonders if she is the only one who has had this thought (although she drops this opinion by the end of the film).

Now to apply this to chronic illness:

People who are in pain all the time, also often have pain while having relations.

It hurts to have a back rub.
It hurts sometimes for someone to play with my hair.

It hurts to be close to people in this state, but it IS worth it.  My relationship is worth it.  This feeling of unconditional love is worth it.  The feeling of friendship is worth it.  The feeling of family is worth it.  If life was all about pain, it wouldn't be much worth living.

I miss the most human parts of being human.

Those who are riddled with pain will understand this thought.

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Leslie said...

This is beautiful. I miss you.

Bethany Mason said...

Thank you. I have been in a relationship for 19 months now but still feel all I deserve is pain as that's all I've had for years. You have just reminded me that being human isn't about pain, it's about love.

Joaness said...

I can totally relate. My husband and I suffer from my illness in this area.

Miss Diagnosis said...

I appreciate your vulnerability in this post. This really resonates with me. And God bless that rare person who faithfully commits to those of us who live with chronic illness. There's emotional pain involved for them too. Love is a precious gift, and I'm blessed everyday to have it. I'm glad you have someone to love and to love you through your pain too.

Lene Andersen said...

and the endorphin rush is one of the best painkillers there is. So worth it.

I've done a lot of reading and thinking about the concept of touch hunger, something that's experienced a lot in people with disabilities who 10 to be more single than the able-bodied. Like all other mammals, the human animal have a need to be touched and when you only get touched by medical professionals in the line of duty (so to speak), your skin starves.

Alison said...

Beautiful post. And beautiful picture :)

knitting fibro mom said...

Very well said... I just love your blog... I wish I could express myself as well as you can... Thank you!!! xo