Monday, January 24, 2011

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • Pinched nerve pain in my back.
  • I desperately need a massage.
  • Not having any appetite before the late evening.
  • I miss my Kim!
  • Feeling like I'm losing control of my emotions (hello big black hole!!).
  • Coming down with a cold.
Other than my scary levels of pain, I've had a good week!

Jon made me gluten-free poutine last night!!  It was the best thing I have tasted in ten years.  Plus, I got to see my friends.

(Images from WeHeartIt and Tumblr)

What has been getting on your nerves this week??  Let out a rant here and we can all share in the experience <3.



Baffled said...

*Getting an appplication for a figure skating competition in my email
*no longer being to even walk very far
*having brain fog ALL THE TIME
*Staying up all night and sleeping all day
*my pain levels increasing to the point that I can no longer sleep well or for 8 hours
*being forced out of bed in the morning by pain
*not being able to type because my fingers are too sore and weak
*no longer being able to find a comfortable position to sleep in

Sue Jackson said...

Ouch - sorry about the pain. Lots of colds going around right now - both of my sons had some symptoms last week, though their Super-immune systems kept them from getting it too bad.

My rant today? I've been sitting here at the Genius Bar in the Apple store for about 90 minutes so far! Actually, I;m not complaining because they're really trying to fix my bizarro laptop problem (I do love the Genius Bar!), but I am getting hungry...


Bluebirdy said...

Oh Annie that Dr. cartoon is SOOO perfect and so typical of today's doctors. They either say that or say "What do you want me to do for you today", as if we know the tests and treatments!
I had horrid moods in winter. Got on vitamin D and it helped a ton. Hope they can fix your laptop!
(Me, Myself, and I).