Monday, January 3, 2011

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • Being social-ed out.
  • My insomnia is totally not getting any better.
  • Feeling helpless.
  • I have bruises ALL over the place.
  • Itchy ears.
  • Having to refill my iTunes library.
  • The fact that I worry some readers will judge me for this set of pictures, but oh well, whatever!
  • Having a massive emotional breakdown (that was really the icing on my weekly cake :P).

(It hasn't been yet, but it will be haha).
(Images from WeHeartIt).

Hopefully you've all had a much more promising week!  I did get to have a wonderful evening on New Year's Eve though :).  

Tell me what is getting under your skin in this holiday season!  Blow some steam off.  Hugs to all :).



Baffled said...

BTW, I was laughing so hard at the cat picture I couldn't read the rest of your blog.

Most of 2010 blew chunks. I had to pull out of a skating competition. I had to withdraw from adult skate week in Lake Placid where many of the coaches were olympic athletes. I've had to miss weddings, trips, family reunions. I am now jobless. I have to appeal the long term disabiltiy case and can't find a lawyer with the days counting down fast on the 180 day deadline. I can't skate at all anymore. I can barely walk down the road. I have to be pushed around the market in a wheelchair. My brain doesn't work as well as it used to almost all of the time. I'm begining to suspect that my doc is dumb as a bag of hammers. I need a friend to go clothes shopping with. I'm killing off my houseplants one by one. My sister giving me the link to a $300(USD) device that plugs into the wall to get rid of all the pesky EMF that is making me sick. WTF!?!

Here is to a better 2011 for everyone!!

Sairs said...

I love the pictures... they really made me smile :)

I hope you have a good 2011.


Rebecca said...

Loved the second set of pictures. The mushroom made me chuckle :)

elisabeth said...

Well, 2011 is not off to an auspicious start. I'm had some anxiety issues, our water heater died, my ankle is getting worse but I had to put off the MRI to deal with the water heater, we need to change banks, I need to interview and hire at work but they cancelled raises so I may lose some of my trained employees, and my insomnia is back in full force (clearly, some of these issues are interrelated). Oh, and hubby and I both still have low-grade colds that won't go away. I'll be better after this week once I get the MRI results- not knowing what's going on is always worse then knowing, for me. And when I have hot water again and can take a hot bath, heh. *hugs*