Monday, January 17, 2011

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • The fact that I had half of this blog post done and somehow it got deleted.  Panic.
  • Opiates = constipation. Graghhh.
  • Trying to bust apart my muscles and just having them feel more messed up.
  • The Golden Globes last night were...interesting haha.
  • Not having enough time to get everything done!
  • Nausea.  It's a killer.
  • Easy bruising.
  • Sleeping too late and messing up my pills.

(Images from Tumblr and WeHeartIt)

This week has been absolute chaos!  I still need to finish up an application to write for the website  Hopefully I'll be lucky enough to get accepted!!

What has been eating at you this week?  Get the weight off of your shoulders here!



Toni said...

Annie -- A thing that didn't bug me on this Monday that I knew you'd enjoy: I saw a picture in the paper of Helena Bonham Carter at the Golden Globe Awards. She was wearing two high heels of different colors! Looked great with her multi-colored outfit.

knitting fibro mom said...

Well it's tuesday now but ...what bugs me is neighbors that have chronic pain can't understand why you don't drop everything your doing and won't go over for coffee the second she asked.... She is driving me crazy... I have fibro and I have been rough lately and it don't seem like she cares it's all about her and her needs... Thanks for letting me vent xoxo