Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Learning What Matters...

It's almost the big day!

Doctor's appointment out of province! Woooo the joys of being sick in a reasonably small environment. I travel to the mainland tomorrow to see a Rheumatologist. Hopefully, he'll have something to contribute to this joyful mess of a life I lead.

On the plus side...being sick has allowed me to work on getting my priorities straight at a younger age. I was at a gathering not too long ago, and was absolutely shocked at how some people seemed to have no idea who they actually are or what they like. It was all about gaining money and stability no matter what the cost to their personal life.

Maybe I'm weird but I don't want to be like that. I would rather be with someone I love, work towards finding something to do that I love (despite the fact that their appears to be little money in it), and just have to live modestly.

I've been reading more and more vintage blogs these days (update coming soon with links to my favorites!). I am loving being surrounded in luxe fabrics, bright colors, and pretty things. I'm going to make it my new goal in life. You only live once, and when you are sick you learn to spoil yourself in order to make things seem more tolerable. There is this misconception that spoiling involves great sums of money, when it really doesn't.

Makes me want to take a trip to Value Village.

Anyways, wish me luck with my trip!

Maybe it will go well as it sure doesn't look like I'm going to be employed any time soon....

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