Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Mind That Got Away

I miss the days of having a memory.

Up until my second year of university, my memory was fully photographic and never missed a single thing (leading to some fantastic marks in school I might add...). Then the fog set in, and it's never been the same since. If I don't write absolutely EVERYTHING down, it will be gone ten seconds later. I lose my purse, I lose my paycheques, I lose my key codes to get into places...none of which make you feel overly fantastic. I've debated getting important numbers tattooed on myself, purely so that I can stop losing them. Alas, seems like a ridiculous idea. Anyways, just an early morning rant on how frustrated I am with my state of being. My allergies also won't settle down, but I see the rheumatologist on the 14th of October now. Just counting down the weeks until I'll either get a diagnosis or another affirmation of being batshit crazy.

Well, heading off to work at the sex shop for the day...I swear, I have seen and learned more about porn than I ever expected to in my life. It's hard to not want to buy all the toys and lube in the store, but some of the things that people are into for porn never fail to turn my stomach. Learning experience for sure.

Looking forward to clipping magazines articles later for my special binders :).


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