Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cartoon Love

This Saturday, I'm wrapping up the week with some cartoons that are kicking around my hard drive!
Hahaha...this is perfect in every way.

I sometimes love being held when I have problems (assuming my skin doesn't hurt and I'm not acting like a wounded animal!)...I think I need to also set this booth up outside of my apartment.  I wonder if anyone would hug me haha.

This just confuses me.  But it reaffirms - there is nothing much to get.

My boyfriend is an EXPERT at all methods of arguing. I always lose.  Always.  As a result, I resort to the name-calling of asshat.

Isn't this the truth?!
(Images from WeHeartIt)

Hope you like them and that you all have wonderful, pain-free weekends! <3



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tunes, they always cheer me up! xoxomoxoxo

Toni said...

Thanks, Annie. Nothing like a good laugh to start my Saturday off well. I especially loved all the circles.

elisabeth said...

I finally get to return a favour! <3

Sue Jackson said...

I always enjoy your cartoon posts, Annie! I especially like the first and last ones here...