Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fighting For A Living...

I sometimes wonder if I will ever feel confident in regards to my healthcare.

I saw my psychiatrist today, and it felt like he was aggravated with how little progress I am making.  In my opinion, I've made nothing but progress.  Those who know me well have seen me grow into a wiser and more well-controlled young woman.

My doctor claimed that I haven't been doing his breathing exercises (which I have - but like everyone else, I have a life to focus on too...).  In addition, he stated I need to keep better track of my symptoms so he can weed out the psychological ones.


I know it isn't blatantly being called crazy.

I know he means well and that the brain can be incredibly powerful.

I know he wants to help.

I know the only way to get my medications is by co-operating.

I'm giving myself a pat on the back for how far I've come along.  The medical system should celebrate any success in humane treatment of suffering creatures, not simply strive for the existence of only one right answer (in my personal opinion...).

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rlee8235 said...

Frustrating isn't it? Having to cooperate.......Is he the only way to get meds or is there pain management? Boy, that has to be a little deflating. Wish it was easier for you.

You're not crazy.......
(psychological symptoms my a**)

Lee Lee said...

Oh that is frustrating! In my experience many psychiatrists etc have studied the 'theory' of such things but that theory doesn't always translate with practical reality. If he was frustrated or angry with you it was most likley because you are not fitting neatly into his little mold. His problem not yours. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you are not trying hard enough or not doing the right things if you feel that you are!! You are the only person who can ever really know what it feels like to be you!! From reading your posts it sounds to me like you are do great considering the nature of this crappy illness!! Well done Annie, xx

Toni said...

Annie. I agree with Lee Lee 100%. Even if the psychiatrist's intentions were good, the fact is, you weren't fitting into his mold and that's his problem not yours. I agree that you're doing incredibly well given everything that's on your plate.

Dominique said...

Annie - I, too, agree with Lee Lee and Toni.

As they both said, this shrink might have the best of intentions, but he does not KNOW you like you do. If you feel you are progressing, then you are.

You know, any progress forward should be celebrated. One step forward is one step forward. That is always a good thing!

You know, my therapist always told me that when I was ready, I would do whatever the next step was. Until then, we would deal with whatever I was ready to do at this moment.

I think that is what you have been doing for these last several months. You have been moving forward when you are ready. Good for you!

Forgetful Girl said...

I would like to join you in celebrating your progress! You have been coping so well, especially in the last few months and it must very frustrating when someone in the medical profession doesn't think you have been.

As long as you know you have been making progress, then that is all that matters. Of course, you have to go along with DR Stupid to get what you need, but do keep thinking positive!

Annie said...

You are all wonderful, and your support means so much to me!


Anonymous said...

Wow, he sounds like a winner. Maybe it's time to find a new psychiatrist. Like others have said, if you feel like you're doing what you're supposed to do, then don't let anyone tell you otherwise.